UPDATE: Diabetes reversed in a Miniature Pinscher!

An UPDATE on the little min pin:

February 29, 2012: Hi Darcie, I’m sorry to tell you that I lost my min-pin last night. Took him to emergency Monday night as he was not eating and was dehydrated. He had a severe case of pancreatitus and went into arrest, but waited for me to get there and then passed. They found a lot of fat in his blood, so maybe I did  the wrong thing by switching his diet. Vest say we will never know because he had a history of pancreatitus no matter what food he had been on and being diabetic, his system was compromised. Anyway, thanks for your help the past month. – Diane

March 1, 2012: Dear Darcie, I realize now after talking to the vet again that the past month was his healthiest time. He had so much energy and was so happy. The years of having many issues finally took its toll but he is fine now that he has crossed over… I’m switching my other four to raw, even my new eight year old toothless min-pin. Thank you again, Diane.

Diane told me at first that she felt terrible when her little dog died. She felt at first that changing his food was the reason he died within weeks of the change. After talking to her vet, she  realized what I already know, sometimes we cannot reverse all the damage done before. The good news is that even her vet could see the the raw food diet helped this little one not only feel better but cope better to the end of his life. It’s just life. We do our very best with what we know at the time and when we learn better things, we implement them and see good things happen. No one should ever feel guilty or beat themselves up for what they did in the past. We cannot change the past. We can make the future better.

My heart goes out to you, Diane, I know the pain of losing a dog whom I’ve loved so much. I’ve said a prayer for you. Get some rest and enjoy the heck out of the other dogs. Every day, every chance you get. We get so much time with our dogs and that is all we get. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. – Darcie


Hi Darcie, I started my diabetic Miniature Pinscher on the raw diet. He was on it for a week and I had to lower his insulin because it was making him so lethargic. Every few days I had to lower the dose. He went from 9 units twice a day down to 4. He went to the vet for a blood curve after three weeks on raw and the vet called and asked what I was doing because his sugar had been normal all day. I told him and although he said he could not come right out and condone the raw diet, he told me to keep doing what I was doing. I am going to switch my other 4 to raw. Thank you so much. My min-pin is now an active, playful dog again. Thanks. – Diane

Dear Diane, Lovely! I’m so happy to hear it! Isn’t that just nuts?! It’s the same with people too! The research and the results are showing us that diabetes, all types, is reversible. Thank you so much for telling me of your great results. I love it!

I see it over and over even right here in our own hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska! The Chocolate Lab is her own sweet happy healthy self after changing to a raw food diet.

Crazy that your vet wouldn’t walk right out and tell the world to make the change, he saw it with his own tests. – Darcie

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6 Responses to UPDATE: Diabetes reversed in a Miniature Pinscher!

  1. Dear, dear Darcie. Diabetes is NEVER reversed. The symptoms can be controlled, but the moment the patient stops what they are doing to control the sympthoms diabetes comes back. That is NOT cured. Kathleen

    Dear Kathleen, Please do check into maximizedliving.com if you or someone you love suffers from diabetes. There are wonderful things happening in reversing diabetes in humans too, not only in dogs. You are right, if a person keeps eating McDonalds or other fast foods and processed foods and keeps poisoning their bodies with what they eat, they are never, ever going to be well. It’s the same for all of us. Some will come down with diabetes, some with cancer, some with kidney and liver disease, others will simply show stress, worry, unhappiness and gain weight. We all have to go back to what Nature intended for us to eat and exercise the way Nature intended for us to move and then we will be well. Eat right (it’s easier than you might think and it tastes so much better) and exercise correctly (there is a right way) and you will be well. Diabetes is reversible. Don’t buy into that old crap that you cannot change your life and your wellness. It’s not true. – Darcie

  2. Pat Anderson says:

    Carbs are sugar and both all carbs and all sugar are not the same. The more refined and the more cooked, the faster the sugar raises your blood sugar and the slower they work, the better and is why the low carb ( Glycemic index ) diet works. Dogs go for lower carb items in the raw. They eat blades of grass not the seeds. As long as a dog is not one of the unlucky ones who are born with the disease as people with type 1 diabedes, the Raw diet would be the logical one to prevent them from developing it. You are the one responsible for your dog’s health and a vet is only there to assist you. Good going and so happy for your dog. Pat

    For those of you who are suffering from diabetes, check into maximizedliving.com . I think you’ll like what happens to you. – Darcie

  3. Michael D. Old Turtle says:

    What IS the raw meat/food diet? Details please. Michael

    Dear Michael, It’s simply raw food and raw bones. If you can feed yourself, you can feed your dog only don’t cook their food. Check out any book from the library by Ian Billinghurst for a good read. Or get the book Raw Dog Food or any book on feeding raw will help you understand why it’s the right way to feed dogs and how easy it is to do. Nature’s Variety raw Instinct came from my original recipes, it was the first commercial raw food of it’s kind in the United States. I feed all of my dogs raw food. They smell so good and their poop doesn’t stink. :-) – Darcie

  4. Kim says:

    Darcie, I am so thankful I found your site today & would really appreciate any input. Last week my 3 yr old , 20 lb, Boston Terrier was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis after having sporadic vomiting, blood work, pancreas work up & off/on loss of appetite. “Junior” had been on Iams his whole life then 2 weeks ago our vet put him on Hills I/D but now has him on Hills W/D 2x a day, preceded by a pepcid AC 30 minutes before (we are on day 2 of this regimen), after his pancreas results. Junior started randomly throwing up (1x every 12 days) about 2 months ago but now he throws up about 1x every other day or so. I can tell he does not feel well & I think he might have off/on stomach aches.

    Two weeks ago I switched our other Boston (6 yrs) to Nature Variety’s raw diet after doing some reading. So far so good. Of course my vet did not like the idea of “raw” but all that matters is it makes sense to me.

    I am a big believer in holistic/alternative medicines and open to anything…Do you have any input/ideas what I can do for my little Boston????? I thought about switching him to raw too right now but I am scared it might not be the right time, etc… should I make/cook homemade meals??? I feel like I should be doing more….

    I am really worried about Junior & scared after hearing the vet say his prognosis is “unknown” .. I am willing & determined to do anything I can to help him get well & live a healthy productive life!!!! I would appreciate any info. you can share! thanks so much, Kim

    Dear Kim, If your Boston was mine, I’d not feed that food. I’d start a raw diet but more veggies than meat to start. I’d crush or grind the bones but I would add bones, too. Nature’s Variety raw (canned and dry) came from my original raw food recipes, it has changed through the years so you can make up your own mind about it. If it’s working for your other dog, you might like it for the Boston, too, just use less of that and more pureed raw veggies of your own. Or you might like Honest Kitchen, I like that food very much. Food can make a huge difference in our dogs. There are sadly times that we can’t turn around all damage that’s already been done, I do find that raw food is a good step in the right direction. Prayers to you all… – Darcie

  5. Jim says:

    Just wondering if a “raw” food diet is something I should switch my 7yr old min pin to. Found out yesterday that he has diabetes and is going blind,so right now I”m really saddened by the news. Starting him on insulin today and the vet said not to change his diet. Do you think this “raw”diet would help my little guy “Tyson” or not?

    • Darcie says:

      Hi Jim, If he was mine, yes, I’d change to a raw diet. Do your homework so you know what not to feed him. No onions, no raisins, no grapes, and of course the usual no chocolate, alcohol or almonds.

      There are times that illness doesn’t get completely healed even when good changes are made. There are almost always good things that happen…a good diet goes a long way to giving comfort and the best quality of life.

      There are dogs who have completely reversed diabetes and other illnesses with a raw diet and they can never go back to processed dog food. So many processed foods create the problems, it makes perfect sense that making the change away from them can change the problem.

      My best wishes for you guys!

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